The primary purpose of the Fair is to provide a place to display livestock, agriculture, crafts and the like in a safe, family-oriented environment.  The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair is a special annual event of very limited duration, with a specific objective of providing thousands of attendees an educational and entertainment experience, serving a main audience of family and youth, in a safe, family-oriented environment.  

  Ride Specials and Height Requirements 

                                               General Gate Prices:                                                                    Adult: -  $10                      

              Child: - $5     

If you purchased a MEGA PASS while on sale, the MEGA PASS includes your gate admission.            

     Closing Hours:  The Civic Center generally closes at 10pm


Rides and Ride Height Requirements

 The carnival opeartor for the Fair is Reithoffer Shows which is owned by the Reithoffer Family based out of Gibsonton, Florida.  Reithoffer Shows  has been in the industry for over a century and is one  of the cleanest shows around.  All personnel are required to be in uniform and have     picture ID cards on at all times.  Rides are always clean and brightly lit with LED's, and we have everything from kiddie rides to the 'super rides'.  

 Reithoffer Shows continually strives to provide the best in family entertainment and recreation to all of our guests. We are committed to providing our guests with the safest environment possible. Amusement rides are not “One Size Fits All” and each person can sometimes only know if they can ride safely by trying… sometimes the restraint just isn’t going to fit properly and allow a guest to ride safely.

Our amusement rides have been evaluated using our knowledge of the ride in both normal and emergency operating conditions. Using our industry experience, knowledge of ride designs, manufacturer's recommendations, and the American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M.) "Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices", our policy was implemented to maximize what each guest can participate in safely.

The only way to know if a customer can fit and ride safely is to try. If the restraint does not close properly the customer will not be able to ride. Sometimes a guest who is 280 but larger all around can fit in an over the shoulder restraint but a guest who is 280 and larger in the chest area, that same restraint may not be able to fit.

We restrict participation only if we feel safety may be compromised.


Not all rides listed below may be available at this year's Fair. 



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