The primary purpose of the Fair is to provide a place to display livestock, agriculture, crafts and the like in a safe, family-oriented environment.  The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair is a special annual event of limited duration, with a specific objective of providing thousands of attendees an educational and entertainment experience, serving a main audience of family and youth, in a safe, family-oriented environment.   

The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair will be following current CDC Guidelines. 



 The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair extends a welcome to exhibitors who make the Fair  a great place for youth and agribusiness to show and compete.  You also provide educational   opportunities for the general public to learn more about agriculture and where our food comes from.     Rules and Regulations are applicable to all Livestock Exhibitors.  The Fair Association is proud of our Exhibitors, as well as the Livestock Committee and their commitment to making the Livestock Program the best it can be. 

 All Registrations must be made electronically through ShoWorks at the blue link below.  Payment is due   at the time of registration.  Please read the registration instructions on the opening page of ShoWorks. 

 By registering for the Fair, Exhibitor agrees to abide by the Terms, Conditions, Rules, and Policies, including CDC Guidelines, as routinely updated, of and for the Southwest Florida and Lee County Fai.   Please print the General Rules and specific Class/Show Rules for your entry and     follow them accordingly.  

All questions regarding the Livestock Program should be directed to the respective Barn Chairperson listed below by emailing the Livestock Department at: 


Livestock Coordinator & Board Liaison: Monty Winslow

Livestock Secretary:  Denise Parker


 Livestock Committee and Barn Chairs:

  Beef:                              Robert Edwards (Barn Chair), Michael Thomas (Barn Chair) & Randy Dull

  Goats:                            Stacy Johns (Barn Chair) and Jackie Raybourn (Barn Chair)

  Horse:                            Jenny McPherson (Barn Chair), Sally Gulmy (Barn Chair), & Katie Patten

  Small Animals:             Jamie Greene (Barn Chair), Aida Rugama (Barn Chair), & Aimee Clark

  Steer:                             Nancy Lee (Barn Chair), Jon Johnson (Barn Chair)    

  Swine:                            Jessica Griffin (Barn Chair), Nate Griffin (Barn Chair), Cody Haskett,                                                  Michael Johns, & Waylon Strout


Change in Goat Barn

  • Goat Leases will not be accepted this year.  The Exhibitor must own the animal.

Change in Swine Barn

  • Swine will only weigh-in at Fair check-in this year.  The (normal) October weigh-in will be an ear-tagging only, and is mandatory, of course.  Be sure to read the rule changes for  the Swine Department.  Photo's will be taken of the Exhibitor with the animall and the ear tag showing. 

 Change in location of the Horse Arena

  • A new horse arena will be located in the northwest corner of the property, on the west side of the Horse Barn and the Steer Barn.  


Change in location of the Small Animal Barn

  •   The Small Animal Barn will be located where the horse arena was, on the east side        of the Horse Barn. 


Click Here for the Livestock Rules & Regulations and Show Information


Click here to register as an Exhibitor in the Livestock Department


Note: Skill-a-thons will not be held at the Fair this year

Please see below regarding 4-H Record Books 



Upcoming Workshops and Shows



Saturday, October 23rd - FEATHER WORKSHOP

9am - 1:30pm at the Fairgrounds

Pre-registration is required  and closes October 16th 

(click here to download and print the Feather Workshop flyer)


Sunday, November 7th - SMALL ANIMAL CLINIC 

4-H Office, 2000 North Recreation Parkway

Pre-registration is required and closes November 1st

Feather - 9:30am - 10:30am

Fur - 11am - 12pm

(click here to download and print the Small Animal Clinic flyer)


Sunday, November 7th - SMALL ANIMAL CLINIC

at the FAIRGROUNDS - enter off Old Bayshore Road - follow signs

Feather - 9am - 10:30am

Fur - 10:50am - 12pm

Pre-registration is required and closes November 1st 

(Click here to download the Small Animal Clinic Flyers)



 Saturday, November 20th - RABBIT SHOW AND SHOWMANSHIP

8am at the Fairgrounds

Sponsored by the Free Range 4-H Club

Pre-registration is required and closes November 6th

(click here to download and print the Rabbit Show & Showmanship Information)



2022 Livestock Show Schedule

Thursday, February 24th

  • 6pm – Goat Agility Show (4-H/FFA) - Show Ring 

Friday, February 25th

  • 4pm – Feathers Showmanship - Small Animal Barn 
  • 6pm – Goat Costume Contest (4-H/FFA) - Show Ring 

Saturday, February 26th

  • 11am – Performance Horse Show - Horse Arena 
  • 12pm – Feathers Fun Costume Contest - Small Animal Barn 
  • 2pm – Feathers Fun Grooming Contest - Small Animal Barn 
  • 2pm – Goat Showmanship (4-H/FFA) - Show Ring 
  • 6pm – Beef Breeding Show and Showmanship - Show Ring 

Sunday, February 27th

  • 11:30am – Goat Show & Awards (4-H/FFA) - Show Ring 
  • 3pm – Youth BBQ Cook-Off – Yancey Pavilion
  • 6pm – Youth Whip Cracking Competition – Horse Arena

Monday, February 28th

  • No Livstock Shows  

Tuesday, March 1st 

  • 6pm – Youth Tractor Driving Contest – Horse Arena

Wednesday, March 2nd

  • 6pm – Swine Show and Showmanship - Show Ring 

Thursday, March 3rd

  • 4pm – Fur - Showmanship - Small Animal Barn 
  • 6pm – Steer Show and Showmanship - Show Ring 
  • 7pm – Horse Costume Contest - Horse Arena 

Friday, March 4th

  • 5pm – Steer Grooming Show - Show Ring 
  • 6pm – Cloverbud and PeeWee Awards - Small Animal Barn 
  • 6:30pm – Horse Speed Show - Horse Arena 
  • 7pm – Small Animal Auction - Small Animal Barn 

Saturday, March 5th 

  • 12pm – Fur Fun Agility Show- Small Animal Barn 
  • 2pm – Fur Fun Costume Contest - Small Animal Barn 
  • 2pm – Market Animal Auction - Show Ring 
  • 6:30pm – Horse Fun Show - Horse Arena 

Sunday, March 6th 

  • No Livestock Shows  


Exhibitor Packets for 2022  


Record Books & Guide Books for 2022

Please Note:  Regarding Record Books - 4-H Exhibitors must work closely with their 4-H Club Leaders to ensure they are following the rules of 4-H to remain in ‘Good Standing’.  Lee County 4-H will work with 4-H Club Leaders on the Project Record Book process for Exhibitors during the Fair.    Please direct any questions related to the submittal of Record Books for the Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair to your respective 4-H Club Leader. 


Beef Breeding Record Book

Goat Record Book

Horse Record Book

Market Animal Record Book

Small Animal Record Book

Cloverbud Cavy Record Book

Cloverbud Poultry Record Book

Cloverbud Rabbit Record Book


Below you fill find the Guides to assist you in completing your Project Record Book.   Please direct any questions to your 4-H Leader. 


Guide for Beef Breeding Record Book

Guide for Goat Record Book

Guide for Horse Record Book

Guide for Market Animal Record Book

Guide for Small Animal Record Book 






  • Facemasks/Face Coverings are encouraged when visiting the Barns
  • Social Distancing should be maintained whenever possible
  • Sanitize your hands frequently 








Pets are not permitted on the Fairgrounds.
Do not leave them in your vehicle. 

Emotional Support animals are not allowed on the Fairgrounds. 
ONLY SERVICE animals as defined by the Americans with Disability Act are allowed on our facilities. 

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