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  The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair will be following current CDC Guidelines

COVID-19 Exposure is an inherent risk in any public locations where people are present: Guests should only attend after evaluating their own health risks. If you are sick or do not feel well, please plan to visit us another day.

The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair Association cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit.

Purchase or acceptance of a ticket, pass or ride armband and entry on to the Southwest Florida & Lee County Fairgrounds constitutes your understanding of these risks and your willingness to undertake the risk of exposure. No refunds will be given following your entry on to the Fairgrounds.

 Welcome to the Home Gardening and Horticulture Department!  This Department is   for Container Grown Ornamental Plants, Vegetable & Fruit Plants, and Citrus,   Fruits, and Nuts.   Registration is FREE and open to residents of Charlotte, Collier,   Desoto, Glades, Hendry and Lee Counties. 

Fair Dates:  February 25 - March 7, 2021

  • Registration (online only) ends Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at midnight
  • Entry Drop-Off Date:  Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - Noon to 5pm
  • Release and Pick-Up Date:  Sunday, March 7, 2021 - 4pm - 7pm 


  All Class, entry, and premium information can be found and downloaded at the red 'Click Here     for all Home Gardening & Horticulture Information'  for Print and/or read all the class, entry, and   premium information provided before entering online. This information will aid you with the   entry process and help to ensure you are entering the correct classes. Remember when you   click “submit” at the end of the online entry process, you are agreeing that you have read,   understand, and will abide by all rules and regulations found in the entry information.

 Take your time with the entry process. Double-check your typing to confirm that all the   information you have entered is correct before moving on to the next step. The information   entered here will be printed on the entry tags that will go on your work during the Fair. Please   make sure your name, address, and email address are correct.  Premiums will be paid by check   and mailed to Exhibitors after the close out of the Fair. 

 When registering online, please don’t hit “Check Out” until you are done with all of your     entries and ready for the Fair to receive them. Once you check out you won’t be able to make   changes. Hit “Save Cart” to come back and enter or edit your entries later. However, you must   “Check Out” before the deadline.  You will reveive a receipt of registration upon completing the   process.  If you do not receive the receipt, you will not be registered. 


Click Here to download the Home Gardening & Horticulture Information



 The primary purpose of the Fair is to provide a place to display livestock, agriculture, crafts and the   like.  The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair is a special annual event of limited duration, with a   specific objective of providing thousands of attendees an educational and entertainment   experience,  serving a main audience of family and youth, in a safe, family-oriented environment.  


 If you, or your group would be interested in volunteering or performing a demonstration in the   Horticulture Department, or if you have questions or suggestions concerning entries, please call the   Fair Office at 239-543-8364 or email 





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