Pets are not permitted on the Fairgrounds.
Do not leave them in your vehicle. 

Emotional Support animals are not allowed on the Fairgrounds. 
ONLY SERVICE animals as defined by the Americans with Disability Act are allowed on our facilities.

 The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair will be following current CDC Guidelines. 


Gate Entry

  • If you purchased an Advance Ticket there is need to wait in line – proceed past the ticket booths, to the temperature detectors. If you register a temperature above the CDC threshold, you will be asked to step aside to have your temperature taken by an alternate method.  If you again register a temperature above the CDC threshold, you will not be admitted into the park. Your Mega Pass will still be valid to use on another day;  
  • Once cleared through the temperature detectors, you will proceed to and through metal detectors. Weapons are not allowed on our grounds.  Any item confiscated will be disposed of immediately.  No items will be held for pick-up when leaving the grounds. 
  • Once cleared through the metal detectors, you will advance to have your advance ticket scanned at the Scanning Station. When the ticket taker scans the advanced ticket, it will be validated, and then immediately become invalid for any other use.  You will be given a daily ticket in exchange for this online printed Mega Pass.   The ticket is what you will redeem for your Ride Band, if your advanced ticket includes rides.
  • Once you have had the ticket scanned and received the ticket, you will take that ticket to the Ride Band station where you will redeem the red ticket for your Ride Band.  The Ride Band Station is located in Kiddie Land, just past the Grande Carousel. 


All Mechanical Rides

  • The Ride Band is for the mechanical rides only and does not include the Euro Slide.


Livestock Shows

  • Be sure to check your daily schedule (available at the Welcome and Information Booth located at the front of the grounds) for the day’s Livestock Shows. Livestock shows are not held every day and not all animals are on the grounds at the same time.


Free Entertainment, Shows & Exhibits

  • Your daily schedule will reflect the many FREE shows and entertainment we have to offer. Our free entertainment shows are scheduled multiple times throughout the hours we are open, allowing flexibility in your schedule.  Inside the Lee Civic Center you will find our Crafting Corner, School Booths, 4-H Booths and Vendors. The Lee Civic Center will close at 9pm nightly.  Be sure to check our our Hay Bale Decorating Competition - Hay Bales are located throughout the grounds.  


Most importantly, the Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair will be following CDC Guidelines.

  • Masks are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged
  • Social Distance when possible and be respectful of each other’s space and those not in your group - follow signage throughout the grounds
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Be sure to wash or sanitize your hands frequently at one of our many stations throughout the grounds









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