Hello and Welcome. We are excieted that there are only less that 192 days until the Fair returns. Remember, there are no other Fairs that can even compair to what the Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair does for our community through charities and 4-H. Not to mention, the Best Fair, Food, Staff and experence this side of Orlando's greatest theme parks. 





Steer exhibitors please note that you must attend a minimum of one prospect show this year.  There is a difference in a clinic; clinic/show; and prospect show. 

Clinics are where you may or may not take your animal.  Those putting it on do their best by leading or bringing in leadership to help you know how to feed, care for, understand health issues, present yourself to prospective buyers, understand grooming, the use of show items (show sticks, halters, etc), and how to present your animal in a show. 

Prospect shows are where you take what you have learned and put it into actual practice with your animal with other exhibitors with their animals doing the same thing.  There are classes like at a fair and a judge that places the animals in the classes.  It is an opportunity to experience what it might be like at the fair where your animal is entered.  It gives you and your animal(s) an opportunity to learn how to work together. 

Many of you have been showing for some time and may feel like this is not necessary.  But remember it may be something you have been doing but it is a "first" for your calf this year.  This years calf hasn't had years of learning.  So put lots of effort into preparing him and yourself so that when you arrive to whatever show you are going to, you can arrive with confidence that you have done everything you can to be ready.  Does that mean there won't be any issues?  Absolutely not, but it does give you confidence that we can most likely overcome those issues!!  All of you are great exhibitors and I have respect for 100+ pound kids that will show cattle 1000#++! 







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