Hello and Welcome. We are excieted that there are only less that 260 days until the Fair returns. Remember, there are no other Fairs that can even compair to what the Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair does for our community through charities and 4-H. Not to mention, the Best Fair, Food, Staff and experence this side of Orlando's greatest theme parks. 



This month we take a look at Fair related books/aricles. 


Book ideas for Kids: 

- County Fair - by Laura Ingalls Wilder

It’s an exciting day for Almanzo as the Wilder family visits the county fair in this second My First Little House Book adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic Farmer Boy. There are contests, races, and good things to eat, and Almanzo can’t wait to see what the judges think of his special pumpkin. Jody Wheeler’s luminous illustrations bring Laura’s beloved farmer boy to life.

Its only 32 pages, so its a rather short read but a great example as to what County Fairs were like before all the new technology.

- County Fair Mad Libs - by Sarah Fabiny 

Bring out your butter sculptures and get ready for some fun rides, because County Fair Mad Libs is sure to take home the blue ribbon! Enjoy the adorable animals, all the fried food you can eat, and these 21 fill-in-the-blanks stories as you giddy up and make your way down to the nearest county fair with Mad Libs!



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